With 5 plus years experience in biotech R&D and 15 plus years experience in US and UK Healthcare with Healthcare Documentation and QC in Medical Transcription and Medical Scribing.

Mr. Rupak Adhikari

Director, ScribeeMed, Masters in Biotechnology

Mr. Raaj

Medical Scribe Head

12 plus years experience in Medical documentation and clinical documentation with LIVE Scribing for US Healthcare and Placement Head for ScribeeMed.

Dr. Abhinav Gaddam

Trained and certified in Pharmacovigilance

Trained and certified in Pharmacovigilance and drug safety adverse event reporting and assessment, signaling and risk assessment. Acquired 7 Course Professional Development (CPD) points from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical medicine of the Royal college of Physicians of United Kingdom. Hold 9 years of experience in pharmacovigilance sector.

Dr. Manisha N

Associate- Clinical operations

4 yrs experience in core clinical operations, Placed students in Iqvia, Accenture and other Top MNCs. Provides Indepth knowledge of clinical trials with Interview based approach and workculture training.


HR Recruiter

Admission Head

Yashpal Rajguru

Medical Billing Head

Trainer and Placement Head