Medical Coding

Course Fee: Rs 23,000

Registration Fee: Rs 2,000

  • Duration: 3 Months ( 90 days )
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Our Health Mission:

Our experienced medical coder professionals trainer put every candidates one-step ahead towards achieving their goals towards success.


An entry level coder has completed (or nearly completed) an introductory training program in using clinical classifications. Depending on the country; this program may be in the form of a certificate, or even a degree; which has to be earned before the trainee is allowed to start coding. All trainee coders will have some form of continuous, on-the-job training; often being overseen by a more senior coder.



An intermediate level coder has acquired the skills necessary to code many cases independently. Coders at this level are also able to code cases with incomplete information. They have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology along with disease processes. Intermediate level coders have their work audited periodically by an advanced coder.



Advanced level and senior coders are authorized to code all cases including the most complex. Advanced coders will usually be credentialed and will have several years of experience. An advanced coder is also able to train entry-level coders.

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