Medical Scribe

Course Fee: Rs 45,000

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  • Duration: 3 Months ( 90 days )
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Two-half Months of Job-Oriented Training Programme:

An ER scribe works in the emergency department (ED) of a hospital. Their duties may include overseeing the documentation of each patient's visit to the ED and acting as the physician's personal assistant. A scribe might work with one physician per shift or might be shared between multiple providers, depending on the agency.

A prospective scribe is required to learn a large and extensive amount of medical terminology, as well as become familiar with human anatomy. They are also required to learn about health systems and healthcare worker roles, patient privacy, professionalism, communication, information technology, healthcare worker safety and infection control. Each program has their own training regimen and some are more structured than others. For example, some programs require that all new scribes take an official graded course prior to working. Other programs allow the scribe to start in the ED immediately, but only under supervision that is sometimes referred to as bedside training.


Medical Scribe positions are often filled by college students pursuing careers in Medicine, B.SC, Microbiologist, Bio-technologist, B. Pharm, with some organizations providing job-oriented training program. Many of those college undergraduates plan to apply to programs in healthcare, such as medical school, PA school, and nursing programs. Pre-health students who work as scribes gain practical experience as well as networking connections from working alongside a healthcare team. These students are able to build relationships with medical practitioners who are usually willing to write letters of recommendation for professional school applications on the students' behalf. Some scribe organizations have opted to not hire college students pursuing healthcare careers, due to the subsequent high rate of attrition, while others give preference to students who are on healthcare career tracks. Also, due to this relationship between the doctor, scribe and professional school applications, some scribe programs limit the positions to seniors of undergraduate programs.

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