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Pharmacovigilance, in layman's terms is drug safety. It can be defined as the study and prevention of adverse effects caused by pharmaceutical products. Pharmacovigilance is the reason that many drugs are withdrawn from or not even brought into the market at times. The government supports and helps to implement courses in pharmacovigilance as their primary goal is to ensure students of medicine are aware of the adverse effects of certain pharmaceuticals. Pharmacovigilance makes it possible to implement quality systems in all pharmaceutical companies that manufacture large amounts of medicine.

Pharmacovigilance is a great career option for life science and pharmacy graduates. It is a scientific discipline that is primarily concerned with reporting and analyzing of drug side effects.

Salary A job holder in this field can easily get the starting salary of Rs.3.5 - Rs.8 lakhs per annum.As more recognition is given to drug safety all over the world, jobs in India in this field are increasing in number.

Job Prospects There is no shortage of jobs in this field as high-quality pharmacovigilance practice makes for good business dealing. Students in this field can get jobs in various pharmaceutical companies and earn attractive and handsome packages. With new drugs being made every day, a career in pharmacovigilance has good prospects.

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